How to Send Message from Local Area Network with LAN Messenger

Nowadays using a computer is the most popular for staff doing their jobs every day and i find that they difficult to contact to others staff in other room , department or floor. Instead of walking for calling to communicate each other so today i will introduce you a software that can send message, file and picture to each other in Local Area Network  without internet connection it call LAN Messenger.

About LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger is a free and open source cross-stage texting application for correspondence over a neighborhood organize. It doesn’t require a server. Various valuable components including occasion notices, record exchange and message logging are given. As of now the stages upheld are Windows, Mac and Linux.

Installing LAN Messenger

You can download installer from here. and select the right operating system.
Setting up the product is simple for everybody – your children could essentially introduce it on their tablet all alone. The main critical thing to do is correct tap on the symbol in the taskbar, go to Preferences, tap on Account, and ensure your client name is spellbinding.


Connecting With Others on the Network

Within Lan Messenger, you can tap on the Group Chat symbol to quickly message at least one of the general population on your contact list. Try not to stress over attempting to interface PCs to each other. When LAN Messenger is introduced on any PC that is on a similar LAN, it’ll perceive and include all other dynamic clients that are on the system.


Customizing the Application

In the event that you investigate the inclinations, you’ll likewise find that you can change the presence of the visit window to suit your tastes. I changed mine to the more advanced “air pocket” style.

There are bunches of different things you can change – the product is extremely adaptable, which is pleasant. You can change how you’re informed of approaching messages, whether the discussion is held, and the sky is the limit from there. You can even characterize hotkeys in the event that you like.


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